November 5

emoji story

I went to feed my pig while my pancakes were cooking I was late to my pancakes and they burnt. So I made more and I was not late for my pancakes.  I took a bus to go play a basketball game. I got there and we played good I scored 10 points but at the end of the game we lost I went home and feed my pig.

October 19

my comet

I chose to comet on Adam because we have a lot in common i’m wanting for them to approve my comet.We both like the patriots and we like sports and his favorite player is rob gronkowski.

October 5

Scary moment-Drake

A couple of years ago, I was sick I had a lot of pain

On the right side of my belly I went to the doctor

And then to the hospital I was scared of my pain

I had a x-ray and got medicine after two days

I was out of the hospital I could not walk or


Breathe good I had a inflamed colan when

I got home and sat down and it hurt more

I went to bed I woke up and the pain was over.